A Photographer For All People

Have you heard of the romantic expression that begins the story of the man for all seasons? And have you heard about the label given to the people’s poet? And if you can have a people poet why can you not have a people photographer as well? Of course you can. And just as much as you still have the butcher, the baker and the candlestick maker, you still have the picture maker, the man (or woman) creating pictures for all of the people out there.

Try characterizing a photographer who is for the people, by the people, and with the people, and you would have enough fillers to at least make up a prize winning short story. But that’s only if you’re prepared to work at your craft. Work at their craft is what prize worthy photographers do. They are so dedicated to their craft that no man will ever tamper with their prints. And in this era of digitization, they say that print photography is a dying art.

Not by a long shot it isn’t. Just like you still have your fine art today, you’re still going to have fine photography today, tomorrow, and next year. Most folks don’t really get it. They spend so much time online these days. They say the newsprint is being strangled to death. That’s something that most people can relate to because they are doing the very thing. They are reading their news online. But have you noticed? You’re still getting those photographs. They’re fine pictures and they light up the screen you’re viewing.

people photographer

It’s usually the very reason why you’ve chosen to stay on the page and proceed with your reading. Because that much is certainly true. There’s a story behind every fine photograph taken.